Ma. Elena Hernandez

K. Tarver School Counselor

‚ÄčCounselor Mariaelena Hernandez
(956) 273-4806

I have been an educator for 28 years, the last 13 years as a School Counselor. My objective has always been to empower, motivate, and inspire students to believe in themselves and to reach their fullest potential in the midst of setbacks, hardships, or obstacles. I believe that every student can accomplish what they set their minds to if they are taught to set goals, plan, prepare, and execute their plan of action and never give up.


My curriculum consists of the 6 pillars of character: Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, and Trustworthiness. These character traits are taught thru guidance class sessions on a six weeks basis to grade levels PK-5th. Students are taught to implement these character traits on a daily basis at school, home, and everywhere they go. In addition, we discuss goalsetting, drug awareness and prevention, bullying, study & test taking skills, career and higher education.

My small group and individual confidential counseling sessions provide students with the skills they need to overcome issues related to stress, self-esteem, home issues, anger management, self-control, and other personal issues.

I enjoy serving my students in my capacity as a counselor. I take ownership of them as if they were my own children and give priority to their emotional well-being before anything else. It is very rewarding to see my students flourish and succeed not only academically but in their personal development as well. My profession in Counseling is truly a blessing!

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